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2018 wedding awards winner
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Managed by award winning wedding musicians
Essence Music is own and run by the 2013 winners of the Wedding Industry Award and Essex Wedding Award for “Best Live Wedding Entertainment”. From performing at over 1650 weddings ourselves over 20 years ourselves we’ve been privileged to see hundreds of harpists, string quartets, discos, jazz bands etc but only represent the very best. Plus with first hand knowledge of virtually every venue in the South East we can offer you unrivalled help and advice. 

We’re recognised for recognising quality
When we see other agencies claiming they have the largest selection of bands the concept fills us with dread. We’d never have an “Add your band here” button on our website. Over the last 20 years, our own act has been on the books of some 150 other agents and in all that time only 4 agencies EVER made the effort to come to a gig and see us perform. To us that is shocking, as they’ve no idea what they are selling. Most agents have NEVER SEEN the acts they represent and reply purely on the bands own “say so” that they are as good as claimed.

We make the effort to visit and every single act on our books and they have to jump though hoops before we ever put our name to them. As judges on three of the largest music competitions in the country, musicians need to be exceptional to make us sit up and listen, let alone put our respected name to them.

Our musicians accept they are a service (no different to caterers/florists etc)
We don't have riders, don't expect to be fed and know we’re there to do a job, liasing closing with other suppliers and venues.   

World-class musicians
We’ve scouted the country, had tip offs from wedding venues and recording studios whenever they see someone exceptional. Therefore we know we offer the countries finest musicians. This does not mean they are any dearer though – it just means they are busier and such is our established name many acts prefer to be represented exclusively via EMA.

Competitively priced
We keep our musicians so busy that they give us reduced rates (many have since stopped advertising elsewhere so we save them a fortune. Therefore we’re essentially “block booking” them and handle their contracts allowing them to concentrate on what they do best - the music for your event.   

We know the venues
As musicians ourselves we’ve performed and virtually every wedding venue in the South East of England so we can offer you unrivalled advice and help with what works best at your chosen venue. Plus we save you all the hassle of finding out all the information about your venue that the musicians need to know.  

We have a close network of musicians and know where they are all based and who is available at what times. Therefore we have more back-up musicians and contingency plans in place than musicians booked independently would have.

Safe, crystal clear electronic contracts for your safety
Booking your music is never a casual arrangement. Everything agreed is put in writing and we make sure you have all the details to keep in your wedding file. 

We’re recommended by many venues
We always find out exactly want you want, as it would be more than our reputations worth to ever recommend acts to you that were not suitable. We realise that if we ever got this wrong a venue would never recommend us again – hence you can rest assured that we do our utmost to help you choose the music that exceeds all your expectations.

  • Owned & run by award winning wedding musicians
  • Our strict vetting process guarantees quality
  • We represent world-class musicians
  • Our acts offer reduced prices as we keep then so busy
  • We've performed at virtually every venue in the S. East ourselves