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Wedding Bands Vs. Promotional Videos

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Wedding Bands Vs. Promotional Videos

How we guarantee the quality of our wedding bands

As a supplier of professional wedding entertainment, new bands ask to join us all the time. One thing we often notice in our selection process is that some acts are far better at marketing themselves than actually performing! Unfortunately, a high quality video or demo doesn't always guarantee a high quality act. Videos and demos can allow for retake after retake and post production/quick fire editing can make anything look exciting. 

Essence Music make the effort to see every single one of our acts performing before ever considering them, plus we continually monitor quality. Our careful vetting and quality control process is there to protect you! (We sleep at night).

You may notice that many of our videos are simple 'single take' shots filmed on a smartphone. This is the best way to view a band if you can't go and see them in person. A smartphone video taken 'in the moment' gives a far more acurate representation of the atmosphere a band can create. You'll be able to see exactly how the crowd reacts too. Have a look at this simple continuous clip (filmed on an iPhone) from the band "Sole Export". Within seconds you'll be able to see the energy they create and how much fun everyone is having.

No trickery, no enhancements, no retakes and no overdubs. Just an electric atmosphere - and that's what it's all about! 

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